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by Jøna Maaryn

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Jøna Maaryn
Kokuryū, 2024
Steel, concrete
15 x 15 x 16.25 in


Jøna Maaryn's practice is deeply rooted in the vibrant desert communities of the American Southwest, marked by a pivotal period residing at Arcosanti, Arizona. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal architecture and the fusion of Japanese brutalism and futuristic elements prevalent within the Arcosanti environment, her work embodies the delicate interplay of strength and fragility found in the desert landscape. She echoes the dark, porous volcanic rock through rough raw concrete textures and shapes evocative of bones—objects she has collected throughout her life in West Texas.

In this collection, Jøna explores the depths of human experience, grappling with the legacies of past visionaries she has studied and the shadows they cast. Her spinal-inspired chair, Paloma Negra, stands as a self-portrait, reminiscent of a dove emerging from a shadow, while the sturdy house-shaped Embre chair symbolizes control over hearts and homes, drawing from her experiences within the desert community of Arcosanti. This body of work serves as a testament to the acceptance of our own darkness, urging us to navigate the complexities of our inner landscapes and discover beauty amidst the depths of our existence.

Jøna Maaryn

Jøna Maaryn, an interior and furniture designer based in Marfa, Texas, finds inspiration from her experiences in desert artist communities across the Southwest United States. Her distinctive style is heavily influenced by the ethereal landscapes of her upbringing in West Texas. Often referencing otherworldly architecture, reminiscent of her time living at Arcosanti, which was pivotal in initiating her design path. Typically handcrafted in her studio, she often juxtaposes sleek powder-coated steel with rough, raw concrete. Jona has earned recognition in publications such as AD Italia, The New York Times, Dwell, The Huffington Post, Vogue Brasil, Martha Stewart, and Vogue Home.