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Panning Screen

by Martha McGuinn

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Martha McGuinn
Panning Screen, 2024
Laser-cut scrap aluminum with rivets
73 x 78.5 in


Martha McGuinn, co-founder of the London-based design duo By Jamps, finds her practice deeply rooted in history. In her latest collection, she draws inspiration from an illustration from the Queen Mary Psalter, an illuminated manuscript dating back to 1310. This artwork portrays the tradition of 'panning,' depicting the age-old practice of fattening pigs with acorns. Drawing upon the graceful curves of the pig's limbs and the gentle contours of acorn foliage, Martha sculpts intricate metal forms that define her Monk Chair and Panning Screen. Each piece undergoes precise die-cutting with a laser cutter, tracing lines reminiscent of a 13th-century monk's handiwork. These organic shapes are masterfully intertwined, paying homage to the rich tradition of female artisanal weaving.

Monk Chair and Panning Screen epitomize the distinctive style of By Jamps' founders, Martha McGuinn and Tom Pearson. Their approach prioritizes experimentation with metal, spanning casting, weaving, and welding techniques. Moreover, they almost exclusively utilize recycled materials, transforming scrap metal into sculptural furniture pieces and breathing new life into discarded materials.

Martha McGuinn

By Jamps is the London design duo Martha McGuinn and Tom Pearson. Their work prioritizes exploring and experimenting with metal across casting, weaving, and welding. Drawing on their backgrounds in comic books and art history, they use making to reflect on other places, times, and realities. Each work is made by hand in their workshop in Greenwich and often comes in very small editions or unique pieces, as they use almost exclusively scrap or recycled materials. Collaborations include the British Architecture Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Marguerite Humeau, Nebbia Works, Sam Jacob Studio, Yinka Ilori, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.