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by Michelle Jiaxin Huang

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Michelle Jiaxin Huang
Rover, 2023
Mild steel
33 x 17 x 19 in


Michelle Jiaxin Huang's practice investigates the disengagement experienced in contemporary society, catalyzed by an overabundance of impersonal objects. Through her work, she seeks to reignite curiosity and interaction within built environments, questioning how objects shape our experiences. In her latest series, she embarks on a speculative expedition, focusing on mapping an alternative existence through three phases: birth, transport, and communication.

The chair titled "Eternal Recurrence - Landing" symbolizes birth, serving as the genesis of the expedition. Subsequently, Rover emerges as a manifestation of transport, drawing inspiration from industry and space exploration. The final piece, Telegraph, embodies communication. Abstracted from the visual language of transmission technology, the telegraph seeks to receive, process, and convey messages. Her choice of mild steel reflects both historical significance and ideas of technological progress, anchoring her expedition within the continuum of past and future, where the present unfolds as a synthesis of the two.

Through a magical transformative process of shaping a very hard, heavy material into almost weightless forms, Michelle invites viewers to embark on a journey of discovery, challenging conventional perspectives, and reimagining our relationship with the built environment.

Michelle Jiaxin Huang

Michelle Jiaxin Huang (b. 2000, Beijing, China) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Providence, RI. Her studio practice explores absurdities in contemporary life, focusing on philosophical metaphor as an interpretive approach to understanding the death of meaning. Informed by the disappearance of identifiable elements in modern life, her process engages in the dialogue between spacial construction, and the human psyche. Through her practice, she explores a speculative truth between meaning, process, and material, hoping to instigate critical inquiry into the nature of progress and existence.